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About us
International School in Novie Veshki

Our school is one of the leading private schools in Moscow and the Moscow region. Our students master two languages choosing out of 5 (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese). Our school has individually developed programmes for pupils and students. Our school is a member of the school League RUSNANO.

International School in Novie Veshki has a modern material and technical base, equipped with the latest equipment and training facilities, which makes it one of top elite educational institutions in Moscow Region. Intelligence, creativity, sports – this is the choice of our students, allowing them to confidently step into the future.

Our International School works in partnership with foreign universities and schools. It is also an IB candidate school (International Baccalaureate), and is constantly involved in systemic international cooperation.

A private International School in Novie Veshki invites parents to choose our educational organization to teach their children. In our school, your children will receive an excellent modern education, as well as the opportunity to fully reveal their intellectual, creative and sporting abilities.

The information you need to know about the International School in Novie Veshki

We work in our own building (year of commissioning – 2012), built on an individual project in accordance with modern Canadian technologies, providing a comfortable stay of students at any time of the year and in any weather. Each element of the school is admirable – large windows, beautiful and comfortable stairs, bright rooms, large equipped gyms.

The International School in Novie Veshki is designed to teach 500 children in one shift, including pre-school students. Low occupancy classes and groups (up to 16 people) allows our teachers to pay maximum attention to each student and pupil.

Five reasons to choose to study in an elite International School in Novie Veshki:

• the school employs some of the best in Moscow highly qualified teachers with the best teaching methods, including-holders of grants at the regional and federal levels, honorary education workers;
• educational complex, including 4 levels of general education-preschool from three years and school from 1st to 11th grade;
• the basic principle of our school-individual work with each student and pupil. We also have provided additional training to the intellectual competitions at various levels;
• training is conducted on five profiles – physical and mathematical, humanitarian, chemical and biological, philological, social and economic, from which your children can choose the most interesting and promising for them;
• competently organized additional education, including clubs, studios, sports clubs for children and adults. The schedule of classes is designed so that children can attend classes of interest to them with minimal loss of time on the road and waiting.

International School in Novie Veshki represents a complex of educational services of high level. Our graduates speak at a high level at least two languages.

And what is important, our school is located in one of the most prestigious cottage settlements – in Novie Veshki.